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Pierre Huyghe - After A Life Ahead

This was one of the last highlights of the "Skulptur Projekte 2017" festival I haven't seen yet. But I was always looking forward to visit this tremendous installation of Pierre Huyghe and since I was in that area yesterday evening I stopped by and felt like I would have been transferred to another planet. The old icerink was meant to be demolished and was turned into the most gigantic sculpture before. Visitors can enter this crater landscape with bizarre shapes containing a pond, some (moose) plants and a aquarium in the center. A crab lives in it and whenever it moves, the skylight of the hall opens or closes. In addiation to this there is an incubator containing a living hela-cell culture, whose growth stages are recorded by a camera and interact with an app people can install on their devices. So the interface between the living and the technology and the parametirisation is the main topic of this great artwork. Two peacocks had to be removed after the first two days of the festivals due to animal protection reasons. But anyway, if you love science fiction, you will definately enjoy this location!